FAQ – Registration

FAQ – Inscriptions

I wish to register a minor, is it possible?

Individual Marathon : Open to people born in 2001 or before (16 years)

2 people Marathon Relay : Open to people born in 2003 or before (14 years)

How to correct data?

Have you discovered a mistake in your registration, such as a misspelling, change of numbers, etc., or have you since gotten married (congrats!), moved, or gotten a new e-mail address? Please submit your changes here

I cannot find my name in the list of participants

Please note: Updates may take up to 24 hours.

Did you accidentally switch up your first and last names?

If you discover that you really are not listed, please contact us here

When wilI I get the registration confirmation?

You will receive it automatically by m-mail after a successful registration

I did not receive the registration confirmation – what should I do?

Please have a look at the list of participants and shift through your junk mails first!

…nothing found? Request another copy of your registration confirmation here